Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

The school year is done and I am ready to say goodbye.

I am deleting my blog! ūüôĀ

I love blogging but I am going to start my own. I am deleting it because I wont have time to write on it.

I love blogging becuase you and just write anything that you want to and people can see it. You can connect to people in Japan or Liverpool anywhere!

I have learned so much about internet safety and what is safe to put on your blog. This will help me with my new blog.

Bub BYE!

Whats Been Going On In Huzzahniah?

These were our canidiate at the all canidiates meeting!
These were our candidates at the all candidates meeting!

By Arwen Huzzahnian News Network 5/4/11

So here in “Huzzahnian” we had a class election! There was 6 candidates and they all had parties! I was in L.M.A.D (lets make a difference) party! The other parties include D.A.D.A, Happy Party, Rasta, Change and W.C.H.

In our class we all live in Huzzahniah! We are all Huzzahnians and our class blog is Huzzah!

After hearing all of the candidates ideas we got to vote. Everyone got 3 votes. The first thing that we did is wait in line to vote and then get a sheet and sign your name! Me and Mayas names were not on the list but we were Huzzahnians so a listed Huzzahnian had to come and swear an oath that we were Huzzahnians!

There were Scrutineers, Returning Officers, voters, a polling clerk and a chief electoral officer (Mrs. Smith).

I think that our elections were fair! Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Everyone got the choice to vote
  2. There was no advertisement in the polling station
  3. It was private
  4. Nobody was left out
  5. We had the choice to vote
  6. The law was made sure it was followed by Amber and Andrew
  7. The cheating was stopped

Thanks for reading!

Edited By: Amber and Laina


The end of this school year is coming and we had one last field trip! CAMPING at air force beach!

It was such a great time but I have to pick a favorite moment.

Andrew, Jordan and Molly were out skim boarding (with low tide) and then me, Maya and Meghan came out. After 10 minutes of us being out there, almost the whole class was out there.

We splashed and threw sand until everyone got to0 cold and then we went into the sweltering hot sand that would stick to you if you were wet.

I loved that trip because it felt like you could work with anyone.

The trip was not at all vapid. I mean we slept in tents, played sardines, predator and prey and kink the can.

I brought a huge tent and all the girls in our class went in it. At night we told scary stories.

Sailing <3 Hobicat

Have you ever been sailing? Well if you haven’t get out there and try it! We sailed Hobicats out on the water as a class field trip at compass adventures!

It is so much fun after you get past all of the explaining and you get to go out! It can be relaxing or a total adrenaline rush!

I am going sailing and I am going to wear shorts and a t-shirt in May on the ocean, not a good idea. You need gear! It you don’t own water pant sweats do just fine.¬† No cotton, rain jacket is a good idea and you defiantly should not wear your favorite pair of shoes or your great Grandmas necklace!

Learning what to do when yoyu capsize

Learning what to do when you capsize

Not everyone feels comfortable around water but even the people who were anxious and scared had a blast! They just need to stay in their comfort level.

I learned that if you don’t listen to the instructions you will be very lost! So listen!

What you need to know:

  • Listen
  • Wear a life Jacket
  • Learn the real words for it (so that you can keep up with everyone else)
  • Come prepared and….
  • Have a blast! (You will)

Thanks for reading and I hope that you try sailing a catamaran.

Edited by: Meghan and Charlie

...and then you get to sail!!!!

...and then you get to sail!!!!


Would I jump out of a plane? YES!

Today 3 men from SAR (Search and Rescue) came down in paracutes in our field. It looked like so much fun.

Of corse I would jump our a plane and sky dive until I got to close and had to pull the paracute.

I for one have never had to be rescued. I think that what SAR do is so great and unshelfish, but I dont think I would be one.

Have you ever had the need to be rescued? Would you join the SAR? Comment!

Edited By: Meghan and Maya

Aerial Arts

Our teacher Ms. Smith sometimes gives up assigned posts and this is one where we have to talk about something we learned about out of school. We are trying to make it really recent!

I am going to do my post on Aeriel Arts! This topic is not very recent but I did learn how to do a crochet 1 1/2! It is so fun! I also learned how to do a forward fall.

What is Aeriel Arts? Aeriel arts is a sport that  not a lot of people do! Its when you climb silks that come from a high sealing and you can do flippy things and stuff! I always climb to the top and it is a gym sealing! VERY HIGH!

This is a simple pose but there is a lot of other things you can do with the aeriel silks/fabrics

This is a simple pose but there is a lot of other things you can do with the aeriel silks/fabric

A forward fall is when you go to the top if the silk and tie your self in then let go and fall you the ground and land in a pose! You don’t fall you the ground when the fall is over you are still tied in like 5 feet from the ceiling!

A crochet is a fall that you fall sideways and the crochet one and a half is when you go into a crochet and then you tie yourself in once again! You fall forward and then to the side! It really hurts but it is so fun!

I love aerial arts! I take classes with a awesome teacher! It is not private lessons, but I take them with about 9 other people and they are all really good at it. I started aerial arts in circus classes when you can do a lot of other stuff like jugling and stunts but I loved to do the aerial fabrics so I took a class where you dont to any of the other stuff just aerials.

I don’t want to be a circus performer but I would like to keep taking classes because it is something that I love to do.

Edited By: Maya and Darion

Image Credit: By mr. nightshade Edwardian Ball 2008

My Ukrainian Pysanky

Do you know what a pysanky is? If you don’t it is a Ukrainian Traditional Egg with beautiful patterns and symbols.

In class, for Easter, we made one each. One side with whatever we want and the other side we had to learn about the patterns and make our own traditional pysanky!

What I find cool it that each color means something! Here is what they mean:

White– Purity, innocence and birth

Red– Happiness, life, hope, passion and the sun

Green– Spring new growth and hope

Light Blue– The sky with its life giving air, good health

Black– Eternity, darkest time before dawn

Brown– Mother Earth

Yellow– Light youth, happiness and the harvest

Purple– Patience and trust

This is my Easter egg!

My Ukrainian Easter Egg

My Ukrainian Easter Egg

This is a tradition egg

This is a tradition egg

Mine had some original aspects of it but I also added some of my own things like some of the color choices and some of my patterns. I liked doing this egg because I love to do art.

The horn in the middle represents strength and leadership. I also did a cactus in there and I cant find what that symbol means. I also did some original designs.

I favorite part doing this was doing art because we don’t do it a lot in class so when we do, do it, it is really fun.

Happy Easter everyone!

Image Credit: so_jeo Kashan Bazaar

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ZOOM! (again)

I had so much fun with my old ZOOM! post so I decided to do another one.

I bet that some people don’t know what a ZOOM! post is! A ZOOM post is when someone (me) puts a picture on a post and you zoom out!

Example: The picture is of a Lamp

  • Once upon a time there was a lamp and…
  • He lived in the kings castle in the ballroom with…
  • His friend the carpet. One day…

Yeah that’s basically it! This is the real one!

The chair


Edited By: Maya and Jane

Image Credit: Chair By tommy forbes

Cute, Prickly and Mine!

You may have read my other post on hedgehogs and guess what! I got one!

We were driving home from dance when my parents told my sister and I that we were allowed to get one! Me and Frid had to pay for everything but it is totally worth it!

We didn’t ¬†want to get our hedgies from a pet store but then we went to Campbell River Pet¬†Centre and they said that they¬†don’t¬†think that animals should be kept in a store so we are going to get it from them because they know a breeder and they sold them to us!

This is a picture that they sent us from the pet store:download

Mine is the caramel colour one and Frids is the brown one! They are 8 weeks old. MOZE (my hedgie)¬† likes meal worms but Munca (Frids Hedgehog) doesn’t. They always run on the wheel, they look hilarious on it! Their birthday is Feb. 3rd!

I had a lot of ideas for names like Hunca Munca from Beatrix Potter the Tale of Two Mice, Parsley, Hedgie but I decided to name her MOZE! I spell it all in capitals for some reason ! Hedgehogs are easy to take care of but they need a lot of time out of the cage and they love to be with you! I hope you enjoyed this post about my new hedgie! Write something about your pets in the comments! Edited by: Maya and Jane